is a one to one painting and modeling  service for wargamers.  I have been modeling and painting for about 20 years.  I paint in my own style to give figures a dynamic feel.

I am  willing to undertake work from 25mm - 28mm figures through to 1/32 - 54mm.  plastic or metal,.  I don't just paint, I model too.  I am happy to 'kit bash', Victrix, Perry, Hat Industries Plastic kits.  Please look through the web site to get a feel of my work.  If you are interested in anything on the site please contact me
via the details at the bottom.

March Attack has a Facebook Page.  I put pictures up of the works as I go.  Take a look to see what's been done and what's coming up.  Those clients that don't want pictures published will be respected. 

Commissions List Update Up and Down awaiting figures - get yours in 1st..

Like the March Attack page to see the latest work and find out new works coming for Sarissa.

Take a look at the Sarissa Buildings page - Simple and detailed wargame buildings.

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54mm Victrix Highlander
Front Rank RHA With Rocket Launching Frames
Crooked Dice Sci-Fi TV Mixed Set
Front Rank French Foot Artillery
Old Glory Rocket Troop with Support Caisson

All Illustrations by Gary Peach 2013