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Sarissa Railway '0' Gauge Conversion PDF


March Attack is a one to one painting and modeling  service for wargamers.  I have been modeling and painting for about 20 years.  I paint in my own style to give figures a dynamic feel.

I am  willing to undertake work from 25mm - 28mm figures through to 1/32 - 54mm.  plastic or metal,.  I don't just paint, I model too.  I am happy to 'kit bash', Victrix, Perry, Hat Industries Plastic kits.  Please look through the web site to get a feel of my work.  If you are interested in anything on the site please contact me
via the details at the bottom.

March Attack has a Facebook Page.  I put pictures up of the works as I go.  Take a look to see what's been done and what's coming up.  Those clients that don't want pictures published will be respected. 

Please check the In the Queue page before sending figures and to see if my lead times suit your gaming needs.

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Take a look at the Sarissa Buildings page - Simple and detailed wargame buildings.

54mm Victrix Highlander

Old West Commission

Front Rank RHA With Rocket Launching Frames

Old Glory Rocket Troop with Support Caisson


All Illustrations by Gary Peach 2016
Gary Peach Tele 07980 476499
- email info@marchattack.co.uk