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Sarissa Railway '0' Gauge Conversion PDF


Please take a look through my gallery to see my painting style. As you will see, I paint in one style for all scales.  I take commission my work very seriously and take a great deal of care to get the client what they want.  Its all very well buying on Ebay, but why not get exactly what you are looking for.

I paint, base and assemble figures as required.  I will work from information, uniforms and basing requirements provided.  I will always confirm these by email before starting and can provide pictures of the work as it progresses.  When basing, I will always photograph groups before fixing.  I can work on 1 figure up to 48 plus.  However the larger batches need to be broken down to allow other clients a chance.  Please look at the pictures of figure assembly and conversion work here to get a feel.

For more in-depth information email or call me.

Victrix Scots - Black Watch

Figure Painting It couldn't be simpler, whether it is a soldier or an horse or an artillery piece.  No eggs over easy, eggs on eggs here.  Paint, basing materials and basic grass and grit is included.  I prime in Black only.  The price of the raw figures is not included as they vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Un-based Painted Figures. 28mm, 1/32 Figures not Included 6.50
Painted - Based Figures. 28mm, 1/32 Figures not Included 7.50
Artillery Pieces -  Due to the size of the basing materials these are charged as follows Un-based 7.5 - Based 8.5 'cannon'.  If the figures are to be based with the artillery Piece the charge will only be the un-based fee of 6 ( where's those eggs?) Cannon Not Included.
Kilts and Tartan Please add 1.50 per figure for tartans.  They do take a lot of time to work on and I am to paint them as best as I can...
Plastic Figure Assembly I prefer to do the assembly myself at 50p a figure, if you have a particular figure batch etc, loading, firing etc please let me know, we can work out numbers etc. I will email a PDF basing plan before I go ahead.
Sarissa Buildings I offer a painting service for the Sarissa Precision laser cut MDF buildings.  The costs depend on the size and detail required, as a guide the smaller buildings - Old West etc. 35 basic to large Church etc - 50

Further information to help you decide

1 If you are looking for work to be done email me to discuss what's what, the type of figures, make, scale and period.  I can then see if I can fit them in or if I can work on them.  To be honest there are some things I don't do, 1/72, fantasy and Sci-Fi. and I DON'T PAINT EYES... Life is too short.
2 I may need information on uniforms, basing style etc. We can discuss this and see if you or I can provide it or research it on the net etc.
3 Please do not send figures unless I am and you are ready to have them painted, and are ready to pay for the work to be done.  Also remember if you are sending me items from outside the UK there may be customs charges for items over 36 (Sterling).  These charges will be added to your final bill.  (Label them as gift to reduce charges)
4 I paint in 1 way.  Please look at my work first to see why I charge what I charge.
5 I will always email you when I receive items, and as your work is started and progresses.  Pictures can be taken to show what I am doing as I go along.
6 I can only give an estimated time for the completion of works.
7 I can confirm a price for the work before starting.  I can provide figures etc.  the costs will be included in the final price.  Once agreed the price is not negotiable.  Only once agreed, send your items.  The figure painting prices include materials, paints, brushes and basing materials.  If there are special materials involved they may be charged for or you can provide these with the figures.  Special materials would include such items as Silfor grass and flowers etc.  If you want figures based, let me know how and with what.  As I work closely with Sarissa Precision I can supply MDF bases if the quantity is large enough.
8 Payments can be made by Paypal or Bank Transfer.  Any payments by post are undertaken at your risk.  If posted please try and post by Signed-For postal services. Please note 4.5% will be added to Paypal payments to cover charges.  I find www.parcelbroker.co.uk very useful for postage door to door
9 Once finished I will take detail pictures for you to see.  Once accepted I will email PDF invoice.  On receipt of payment, the commission will be carefully packed and posted.
10 I only send items Signed For - Guaranteed, for inland UK International Airmail Signed-For for Europe and outside the UK, Royal Mail or DHL.  These are trackable postal services and I will email tracking numbers if not a next day delivery.  Where possible I will send items labeled as GIFT outside the EU.
All Illustrations by Gary Peach 2016
Gary Peach Tele 07980 476499
- email info@marchattack.co.uk