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Sarissa Railway '0' Gauge Conversion PDF


Sarissa Precision are leading the way in producing an eer expanding range of laser cut buildings and accessories for gamers.  I have been working in collaboration with Steve Cummings at Sarissa, for many years now, to develop a range or buildings for a number of periods, scales and wars.  Sarissa and I work in collaboration with a number of other companies too, Warlord Games, Arcane Scenery and Models, Italeri...

Developed in 3D and highly detailed, the buildings are designed to become part of the game.

If you are interested in having some painted contact me - costs are dependant on size and detail etc. I charge the kit cost for external kit painting and assembly cost.  Interior detailing is extra and depends on the works.

Check out the Sarrisa web site for the full range.


Find more on the March Attack facebook page

More designs coming check my  facebook page for hints and pictures of new designs as I work through them and check the Sarissa sites for updates and releases of new product.

Click here for
PDF Painting step by step for Sarissa 15mm WWE Buildings - Finished below

Click here for
PDF WSS (Wargame Soldiers and Strategy Magazine) Article on Painting lasercut MDF

Click here for
Sarissa Railway '0' Gauge Conversion PDF

Sarissa WWE End of Terrace Cafe

Dark Ages Small House - Workshop

Sarissa Pod - Cold World

All Illustrations by Gary Peach 2016
Gary Peach Tele 07980 476499
- email info@marchattack.co.uk